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You found us!

Welcome to the LOSERS clan.


Guess what: it's fun to be a LOSER. Chatty or not, you'll enjoy the friendly banter that happens around the clock in clan chat.

Sometimes it gets downright inappropriate.


Besides being LOSERS, the 40 of us don't have all that much in common. We represent a number of countries, and a wide range of ages. Pretty *ahem*... "interesting" personalities, too. :P


LOSERS and competitive? Yup, we're both. But mostly LOSERS.

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21289 XP to level 25

10011 XP
0 31300

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Last 10 Wars

10 wins, 0 losses, and 0 draws in the past 10 wars.

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In our last 50, we've come away with 45 wins, 5 losses, and 0 draws.

All Time

All time, we have a total of 1050 wins, 121 losses, and 22 draws.