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Wanna be a LOSER? Here's what you need to know.
  1. You need to be able to communicate in English. Doesn't have to be your first language, but we need to be able to understand each other.
  2. Nice bases are a dime a dozen. We're looking for skilled attackers.
  3. War stars are more impressive than trophies. If you're already at TH10, and are sitting on 300 war stars, you probably never put in the time to develop solid fundamentals at the previous levels. That usually shows up in spotty war performance, dragging down everyone else in the clan.
  4. You need to be willing to practice outside of war. If you're struggling in war, you may need to take a break and practice for a while (we do this frequently).
  5. We're looking for members who are neither rushed, nor engineered. Bases that are balanced offensively and defensively are the only ones we consider.
  6. Are you a team player? We need people who are willing to attack wherever it's needed, not for war bonus or revenge.

Why wasn't I included in war?

Good question! This is frequently asked (especially by new members), and there are several pretty common possible reasons. If you feel that none of these apply to you, feel free to shoot an email to Steven (lol @ steven.fail) for clarification.

  1. You're new, and we aren't sure yet whether you're committed to sticking around. We don't take chances on no-shows by immediately including new members- typically we wait until we're pretty sure they're not hoppers. If you have a friend in the clan who can vouch for you, this can probably be waived.
  2. Your war stars and/or troop levels are low for your town hall level. Unless we've seen replays of some skilled attacks on bases equivalent to your own, low war stars and weak troops are usually going to be a red flag.
  3. You've left us hanging in a previous war. If you don't use both attacks in war, we aren't able to count on you and probably won't risk including you again in the near future.
  4. You attack too high. We would rather you attack a base below you than above you in war. If you are attacking for war bonus rather than for max stars, you're putting the rest of the clan at risk. Obvious exceptions are scouting attacks (only when approved/requested by a Co-Leader) or when all the bases at and below your level are already tripled. If you're unsure, just ask before attacking.
  5. You attack based on mirror. This could be included above, but because of its popularity, it deserves a place of its own here. Mirror attacks may be useful in some clans, but not in ours. When selecting a target, we expect each attacker to know their own strengths and weaknesses, and only take on a base that is suited to their skill set (meaning a base that they can comfortably three star). We have enough members who can triple any base at their town hall level that there's no need for anyone to try to be a hero. ;)

Hoping for a promotion?

A wise man once said that it's harder to be promoted to Elder in this clan than it is to reach Co-Leader in other clans. If your goal is to be promoted, this might not be the clan you're looking for.

Rank and Town Hall level aren't relevant when it comes to promotions here. A good donation ratio doesn't qualify a member for promotion, but not donating may prevent you from being considered.

Here's what we're looking for in a member before we promote them to Elder:

  1. Stability/consistency - always uses both attacks, doesn't go missing for days at a time (without notice), etc.
  2. Selflessness - can be counted on to attack for needed stars, rather than for bonus loot or revenge
  3. Maturity - is even-keeled, easy going, and isn't going to get upset or sulk over trivial issues or misunderstandings
  4. Loyalty - sticks around long term without feeling entitled or begging for promotion
  5. Strategy - plans attacks in advance (planning should be evident to those watching the attack), takes the army needed for a particular base rather than a one-size-fits-all approach

Elders who are being considered for eventual promotion to Co-Leader must, in addition to the above list, demonstrate the following qualities:

  1. Leadership - is able and willing to offer help and advice regarding strategy (both general war strategy and specific attack planning, army comp, etc.)
  2. Skill - performs well in war on a regular basis, comes through in high pressure situations
  3. Dedication - practices new attack strategies outside of war, spends the necessary time and resources to continue to improve
  4. Unity - needs to be familiar with, in agreement on, and able to explain to others the fundamentals of the three sections on this page