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TH12 rockin' 464 war stars with a 246 TSH LevelTSH Level is your combined Troop, Spell, and Hero levels.

RAHUL SINGH is one of 10 TH12s in our clan, and ranks 5th among those TH12s in war stars (23rd of 40 members overall).

War Performance

Past 20 STH Attacks

RAHUL SINGH has a STH Triple RateSTH Triple Rate refers to three star attacks against opponents at the Same Town Hall as yourself. of 80%, and boasts an average destruction percentage of 93% spanning those same attacks against TH12 bases.

Silver League I

At the moment, RAHUL SINGH is hanging out in Silver League I with 1112 trophies, but was once seen sneaking around Master League III with an incredible personal best of 2734 trophies!

RAHUL SINGH's current trophy count ranks 10th among all TH12s in our clan.


Current Season

This season, RAHUL SINGH is ranked 5th with 0 donations to date. 393 donations to go before reaching that personal best of 393 donations in a single season (which, by the way, is ranked 19th overall on our list of max donations by anyone in a season).

RAHUL SINGH has donated a whopping 16,884 all time.

78 of 139 Achievements completed
Discover New Troops

Achievement completed!

Release the Beasts

Achievement completed!

Dragon Slayer

In progress...

Next Generation Model

In progress...

League All-Star

In progress...

Hidden Treasures

Achievement completed!

Keep your village safe

Achievement completed!

Keep Your Account Safe!

Achievement completed!

Sweet Victory!

Trophy record: 2,734


Defenses won: 232

Get those Goblins!

Stars in Campaign Map: 83

Get those other Goblins!

Stars in Campaign Map: 83

Champion Builder

Versus Trophy record: 2,410

Bigger & Better

Current Town Hall level: 10

Wall Buster

Walls destroyed: 16,549

High Gear

Buildings geared up: 2

X-Bow Exterminator

X-Bows destroyed: 1,641

Gold Grab

Gold looted: 649,777,529

Empire Builder

Current Clan Castle level: 6

Friend in Need

Capacity donated: 16,884

Master Engineering

Current Builder Hall level: 7

Mortar Mauler

Mortars destroyed: 5,636

Nice and Tidy

Obstacles removed: 2,341

Elixir Escapade

Elixir looted: 719,682,726

Games Champion

Clan Games points: 21,195

Bigger Coffers

Highest Gold Storage level: 11

Siege Sharer

Siege Machines donated: 0

Shattered and Scattered

Scattershots destroyed: 0

Aggressive Capitalism

Capital Gold looted: 8,525


Town Halls destroyed: 1,911

Heroic Heist

Dark Elixir looted: 3,922,989

Sharing is caring

Spell capacity donated: 352

Not So Easy This Time

Weaponized Town Halls destroyed: 0

Un-Build It

Builder Halls destroyed: 670

Most Valuable Clanmate

Capital Gold contributed: 100


Multiplayer battles won: 2,391

Superb Work

Times Super Troops boosted: 0


Inferno Towers destroyed: 245

Union Buster

Builder's Huts destroyed: 7,759


Eagle Artilleries destroyed: 12

Well Seasoned

Season Challenges points: 40,110

Bust This!

Weaponized Builder's Huts destroyed: 0


Clan War bonus gold: 93,602,755

Clan War Wealth

Gold collected in Clan War bonuses: 149,895,490

War Hero

Stars scored for clan in Clan War battles: 416

War League Legend

Stars scored for clan in War League battles: 57