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TH10 Co-Leader rockin' 3535 war stars with a 243 TSH LevelTSH Level is your combined Troop, Spell, and Hero levels.

★KhALiLoS★ is one of 10 TH10s in our clan, and ranks 3rd among those TH10s in war stars (8th of 48 members overall).

War Performance

Past 20 STH Attacks

★KhALiLoS★ has a STH Triple RateSTH Triple Rate refers to three star attacks against opponents at the Same Town Hall as yourself. of 80%, and boasts an average destruction percentage of 96% spanning those same attacks against TH10 bases.

Silver League I

At the moment, ★KhALiLoS★ is hanging out in Silver League I with 1013 trophies, but was once seen sneaking around Champion League II with an incredible personal best of 3538 trophies!

★KhALiLoS★'s current trophy count ranks 9th among all TH10s in our clan.


Current Season

This season, ★KhALiLoS★ is ranked 5th with 2 donations to date. 5,330 donations to go before reaching that personal best of 5,332 donations in a single season (which, by the way, is ranked 7th overall on our list of max donations by anyone in a season).

★KhALiLoS★ has donated a whopping 101,599 all time.

93 of 127 Achievements completed
Discover New Troops

Achievement completed!

Dragon Slayer

In progress...

Hidden Treasures

Achievement completed!

League All-Star

Achievement completed!

Next Generation Model

In progress...

Release the Beasts

Achievement completed!

Keep Your Account Safe!

Achievement completed!

Keep your village safe

Achievement completed!

Sweet Victory!

Trophy record: 3,405


Defenses won: 633

Champion Builder

Versus Trophy record: 3,100

Get those Goblins!

Achievement Completed!

Get those other Goblins!

Stars in Campaign Map: 200

Bigger & Better

Current Town Hall level: 10

Empire Builder

Current Clan Castle level: 6

Gold Grab

Gold looted: 900,910,442

High Gear

Buildings geared up: 2

Wall Buster

Walls destroyed: 20,148

X-Bow Exterminator

X-Bows destroyed: 4,057

Master Engineering

Current Builder Hall level: 7

Nice and Tidy

Obstacles removed: 5,381

Bigger Coffers

Highest Gold Storage level: 11

Friend in Need

Capacity donated: 101,599

Games Champion

Clan Games points: 69,740

Mortar Mauler

Mortars destroyed: 11,284

Elixir Escapade

Elixir looted: 1,046,771,992

Shattered and Scattered

Scattershots destroyed: 0

Siege Sharer

Siege Machines donated: 0


Town Halls destroyed: 2,659

Heroic Heist

Dark Elixir looted: 5,883,285

Sharing is caring

Spell capacity donated: 1,772


Multiplayer battles won: 3,817

Superb Work

Times Super Troops boosted: 0

Un-Build It

Builder Halls destroyed: 1,602


Inferno Towers destroyed: 1,131

Well Seasoned

Season Challenges points: 8,530


Eagle Artilleries destroyed: 63

Union Buster

Builder's Huts destroyed: 13,620

Clan War Wealth

Gold collected in Clan War bonuses: 604,334,471


Clan War bonus gold: 604,334,471

War Hero

Stars scored for clan in Clan War battles: 2,393

War League Legend

Stars scored for clan in War League battles: 368